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The Learn 2 Live Initiative between our Noble Klan and NOBLE is mainly being offered in major cities.

So we the brothers of the Columbus (MS) Alumni along with our undergraduate brothers at Eta Upsilon decided to bring the event to our community. With the assistance of NOBLE rep, Morris Roberson, we were able to educate our Kappa Leaguers on “The Law and Your Community.” This NOBLE curriculum touched on citizenship, law literacy, and law enforcement engagement.

Along with that the Leaguers got an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns to local law enforcement officers here in Starkville and at MSU.
The Leaguers were also put into different scenarios that law enforcement officers face so that they may understand the decision making and severity of situations that officers’ face.

The objective of humanizing police officers was met as students voiced that getting to the officers helped them to like and understand them better.

The event brought in approximately 50 participants including 31 of our Kappa Leaguers and garnered media attention from both our major newstations: WCBI and WTVA.

Bro. Donte Thomas
Starkville Police Officer
Guide Right Advisor
‘Learn2Live’ Chairman