League has strong ties to giving back to the community. As a result, the Mobile Kappa League participates in community service events throughout the entire year. I serve as the Second Vice President of this leadership development organization. One of my office duties is coordinating community service projects for the organization. Every summer season, individual Kappa Leaguers complete various projects to meet their required service hour goal. From June 1 – August 10, the Kappa Leaguers collectively acquired over 3,000 hours of community service. These hours were completed at some of the following locations: Providence Hospital, Mobile Rescue Mission, Prichard City Council, Boys and Girls Club, USA Medical Center, and LeinKauf Elementary School.

I interviewed Johnathan Maize who is a senior at Faith Academy, and Paul Lockett who is a junior at Murphy High School. As Johnathan states, "I collected the most service hours at Camp Smile over the summer where I learned that showing love and being a positive role model can change someone's life". He goes on to say that his community service impacted his life as a result of working with a young man with Cerebral Palsy, which showed, how blessed and grateful he was. As Paul states, " Most of my volunteer hours came from Mobile Baykeeper events which in part has helped me to learn more about the large amount of planning that goes into large events". He also explains that the amount of community support for non-profit organizations in Mobile is amazing and seeing such high attendance at events showed him a side of Mobile he would have never seen had he not been volunteering.

Community Service is not just a random act of kindness to society. It is a purposeful goal of our expanding economy. In Mobile, Alabama, we are reminded by the Mobile County Public School that “It Starts With Us.” Paeton Harris Mobile Kappa League Second Vice President .

Submitted by : Paeton Harris, Mobile Kappa League, Second Vice President