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The Learn 2 Live Initiative between our Noble Klan and NOBLE is mainly being offered in major cities.

So we the brothers of the Columbus (MS) Alumni along with our undergraduate brothers at Eta Upsilon decided to bring the event to our community. With the assistance of NOBLE rep, Morris Roberson, we were able to educate our Kappa Leaguers on “The Law and Your Community.” This NOBLE curriculum touched on citizenship, law literacy, and law enforcement engagement.

Along with that the Leaguers got an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns to local law enforcement officers here in Starkville and at MSU.
The Leaguers were also put into different scenarios that law enforcement officers face so that they may understand the decision making and severity of situations that officers’ face.

The objective of humanizing police officers was met as students voiced that getting to the officers helped them to like and understand them better.

The event brought in approximately 50 participants including 31 of our Kappa Leaguers and garnered media attention from both our major newstations: WCBI and WTVA.

Bro. Donte Thomas
Starkville Police Officer
Guide Right Advisor
‘Learn2Live’ Chairman


On Saturday, January 28, 2017, the Mobile Kappa League traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the 15th Annual Honda Battle of The Bands and College Fair. There were over 25 HBCU’s represented at this college fair. The Mobile Kappa Leaguers also made campus visits to Morehouse College, Spelman College and Tuskegee University.

For many of the current Mobile Kappa Leaguers, this was their first time attending The Honda because they had not attended the event in three years. The Mobile Kappa Leaguers departed from Mobile, Alabama, at 4 a.m. Saturday morning headed to Atlanta. Around 8:00 a.m., the Leaguers and advisors made it to Newman, GA., where they ate breakfast and changed clothes into their navy blue blazers, Kappa League striped ties, starched khaki pants, with their khaki socks, brown shoes and belt. The Leaguers proceeded to the Omni CNN Hotel to drop their luggage off in a private room because check-in was not until 1 p.m. Once the luggage was situated at the Omni, the Leaguers and advisors proceeded to the Georgia World Congress Center to attend the The Honda Battle of the Bands HBCU College Fair. The Leaguers immediately caused others to stop in their tracks as 49 well-groomed and well-spoken young men entered The Honda Battle of the College Fair. With their game faces on, the Mobile Kappa Leaguers walked from table to table passing out their transcripts, shaking hands, and collecting business cards of all of the college recruiters in attendance. Several Leaguers were offered scholarships on the spot. As the clock struck 1 p.m., the advisors rounded the Leaguers up and they headed to the CNN Center to eat and mingle with youth from all over the country who had come to The Honda Battle of the Bands. At 1:45 p.m. the Mobile Kappa Leaguers checked into their hotel rooms and changed once again into their battle of the band attire. The Mobile Kappa Leaguers pride themselves in always looking a “A Kut Above,” and so they did in their new baseball style Kappa League jackets with their jeans and long sleeve crisp white shirts with their fresh haircuts.

The Honda Battle of the Bands was great. Immediately at 3 p.m., the event started. It was the Alabama State Honey Bees, the Alcorn State University band sound, and the creativity of North Carolina A & T band, that seemed to catch the audience attention. Overall, it was a great experience.

Following the battle of the bands, the Mobile Kappa Leaguers returned to the Omni Hotel to relax for a few minutes and to charge their phones before they headed to dinner in the downtown Atlanta area. Following dinner, the Leaguers returned to their hotel to relax, and recap about what they had experienced so far on the trip.

While on the college tours the Kappa Leaguers learned about the importance of networking, branding, college prep, and time management. At Morehouse College, several Mobile Kappa Leaguer alums taught the Leaguers about the history of Morehouse and gave their personal testimonies on how Morehouse has impacted their lives thus far. After the Morehouse tour, the Mobile Kappa Leaguers were invited by the ladies of Spelman College to tour their campus. This was a very spontaneous tour which led to the Leaguers having brunch in the cafeteria with the ladies of Spelman College and with several young ladies from Mobile, Alabama, who are currently enrolled at Spelman College.

As the Kappa Leaguers traveled back to Mobile on Sunday afternoon, they made a stop at the historic Tuskegee University, where Kappa League alums and other students from the Mobile, Alabama area gave an impressive tour of Tuskegee. On the tour the Kappa Leaguers learned about Booker T. Washington and his contributions. They also visited his gravesite. The Mobile Kappa Leaguers departed Tuskegee University and arrived back in Mobile at 7:30 p.m. safe and sound.

Kappa Leaguer Paul Lockett stated the following, “The was my first time being exposed to so many colleges and universities at one time. This trip has changed my perspective on the way I will choose an institution of higher education to attend.”

The Mobile Kappa League is sponsored by the Mobile Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. You can like The Elite Chapter of the Mobile Kappa League Facebook page as well as follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@MobileKL).

Submitted by: Renado Pettaway, Director of Public Relations for the Mobile Kappa League



The Winter Park Kappa League Host Kappa League C.A.N Photo

Determining a career path can be a very difficult decision. More difficult that than can be how to get there when you determine what you would like to do. Realizing the difficulties with both, the Winter Park Kappa League partnered with the Central Florida African American Chamber of Commerce and hosted the Kappa League C.A.N Series. Kappa League C.A.N which stands for career and networking is a forum that brings together middle and high school students with professionals that serve on a panel to discuss college, careers, and keys to success.

The panel moderated by Winter Park Alumni Chapter brother and WESH 2 news anchor, Stewart Moore had an array of professionals from different backgrounds. The panel consisted of Ms. Summer Knowles also a WESH 2 news anchor. It also had entrepreneur and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brother, Cameron Saulsby along with Ms. Roberta Walton with the Orange County Clerk of courts office and Mr. Olivier Guerin the branch manager for Central Florida branches of Charles Schwab & Co. All the panelist were very candid about what brought them to their current careers and some of the missteps they may have experienced along the way. The audience which consisted of the ladies of the Charmettes and Rhoers club in addition to the young men of the Orlando Kappa League who also came out to support the Winter Park Kappa League were very engaged. After Mr. Moore started off the discussion with the pertinent question, “what is your typical day like?”, the young people asked question that ranged from “how did you choose this career?” to “what is the favorite story that you’ve covered?”

After the discussion ended, the panelist were gracious enough to stay and field additional questions from the young men and women present. They provided great advice and direction for the young people to take away. There was great feedback from those involved and the members of the Winter Park Kappa League Advisory Committee were pleased with the impact it had on the youth. Kappa League Advisor Anthony Stepney stated, “we engage members of the community from local businesses to share their knowledge and experience to support our most valuable asset, our young people. In turn, we make sure young people are informed and better prepared as they embark upon the next chapter in their career and educational pursuits.” Thanks to great panelist and a willing and open audience, they were able to do just that.