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On Friday, November 18th, 2016 in a community clubhouse in Montclair, New Jersey, a snow white projector screen flashes the Kappa League shield. The rustling of feet and anxious voices fill the room until the humble voice of Montclair Alumni Guide Right Director Henry Appiah requests everyone for their attention and to take their seats. It is time to begin the annual Montclair Kappa League induction ceremony at 6 pm on the dot. As he stands at the podium and states with a chuckle that he does not like microphones, 10 new young men sit to his left dressed in plain white button up shirts, khaki colored pants and shiny dress shoes. To their left, 11 Montclair Kappa Leaguers sit wearing their traditional, bright maroon Kappa League cardigans and hands clasped in their laps exemplifying distinguished gentlemen. The audience comprised of Kappa Brothers, parents, guardians, family and friends sit with eagerness to witness the induction of the Zeta Klass.

The highlight of the evening was not only these young men being brought into the Kappa League fold but the powerful message that keynote speaker Justin T. Manning bestowed upon them. He spoke about “encountering obstacles and although they seem impossible or we may feel unprepared and incapable. We should attempt anyway because that's how we find out what we're made of. When we find something we love to do, we need to take advantage of it. Don't wait for people to make you feel part of the table...you need to work so that people want to be at your table”.

Montclair Kappa League President Justin Davis and MKL Vice-president Quinton Hines Jr. presented an award of appreciation to Brother Justin T. Manning of Brooklyn Long Island Alumni Chapter and Founder of Medal Addicts for taking the time to make the event extraordinary. The young men received their Kappa League ties and certificate of membership. The evening concluded with a reception for all attendees which was organized and provided by Ms. Beverly Latta and the parent/guardian committee.

T768 News
on Saturday January 14th, 3 young men culminated their journey in Boy Scouting with the acension to its Highest Rank of Eagle.

Antonio Gray, Joshua Roberts and Mark Williams; Scouts in the Troop 768 in the North Florida Council serving Northeast Florida; and members of the Jacksonville (FL) Kappa League since 2014 were officially awarded their rank at the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony at Greater Payne AME Church. In addition to being attended by a host of family and friends who have served in the troop and supported these young men throughout their journey, the event was officiated by members of the North Florida Council professional staff and congratulations on behalf of the Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi were extendted at the reception by NF Council Professional Staff member, Brother John Carter III.

The three of these gentlemen have amassed well over 100+ merit badges and individual achievements among them throughout their scouting tenure and still aspire to earn their Eagle Palms; which are awarded to Eagle Scouts who achieve in Scouts above and beyond the 5% of Scouts who achieve Eagle Rank.

Congratulations Antonio, Joshua & Mark!

Court of Honor Ceremony

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MOBILE, AL – On Wednesday, May 4th, 2016, the Mobile Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. held its 11th annual National College Signing Day where senior high school students and student-athletes officially committed to their selective programs. The total amount of scholarships awarded exceeded $2.6 million from the 18 seniors in the Mobile Kappa League.

The purpose of College Signing Day is to build excitement around going to college. For many years, College Signing Day was often associated with students signing only athletic scholarships. However, the Mobile Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., feels that every student should have the opportunity to publicly celebrate their post-secondary plans.

The event was also an inspiring opportunity for younger students. By applauding seniors who are transitioning to higher education, younger students begin to form their own educational aspirations and plans. Additionally, schools that partner with College Signing Day have the opportunity to grow the relationship between colleges, their school and their students.
The senior Mobile Kappa Leaguers will be attending Alabama A & M University, Alabama State University, Baylor University, Birmingham Southern College, Bishop State Community College, Jackson State University, the University of Alabama, and Wofford College, just to name a few.

The Kappa Leaguers were supported by their family, friends, and other students in attendance and community leaders such as Dr. Reginald Sykes, President, Bishop State Community College, and members of his staff.
Encouraging words were given by Wilbert Merriweather, Polemarch, Mobile Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and Alabama State University Alumnus, “Your college years will be the best times of your life. Enjoy it and surround yourself with those who want to graduate and you too will be successful.”