The Arlington-Grand Prairie Guide Right Foundation Kappa Leaguers participating in a can good drive at TJ’s Catfish in Arlington, Texas on October 25, 2016. Their charitable organization was the Arlington-Grand Prairie Guide Right Foundation and Tarrant County Food Bank.

The purpose and focus for this program is to do a fundraiser for a charitable organization by displaying the following:

-Leadership Skills
-Group Dynamics
-Social Media

During the community service project, the Kappa Leaguers met several goals:

1. They collected over 1000 can goods!!
2. They learned how to utilize leadership skills, group dynamic skills, and social media in organizing the can good drive in order to help needy families in the community and to support National World Food Day October 16, 2016 and National Childhood Hunger Day.
3. They supported a black owned business (TJ's Catfish & Wings in Arlington Texas)